Thursday, July 1, 2010

End of Zuda website has ended today. You can read Ron Perazza's statement at:

While Zuda has ended, some titles, including DUAL, will be folded in with DC Comics' digital comics sold through their new DC Comics' app.

I'm incredibly grateful for the entire Zuda experience so far. I'm curious to see how things will continue to evolve.
I'll post more information as I receive it.
Thanks for the support.



Shazam2k said...

Good luck. Whatever the format, I hope it successfully supports the semi independent new creators like yourself. Its been a great ride as a reader :)

michael said...

Thanks for the support. I've really enjoyed your insightful comments on the Zuda site.

Xumtiil said...

I absolutely loved the series, and I hope it will continue in an accessible format, either through DC or elsewhere.

Keep us posted :-)


Shazam2k said...

Thanks Michael. What's next for you an Dual? I haven't kept up with the success of the comic readers for the iPhone and other new smartphones, but certainly its been demonstrated for the last decade that people are happy to pay a couple bucks for something on their phone that they get for free on the web. I presume that pushing content mobile is a big part of the consolidation. Have they given you any sense of timeframes, and whether Dual is IP they have interest in?

michael said...

I don’t yet have any dates for Dual’s debut on Coxiology. I will continue working on the current chapter of Dual which takes us to page 120. I’ll share information as it is made available to me. It is my understanding Zuda will continue as unique DC imprint offering creator owned properties in partnership with DC/ Zuda. I don’t know the full extent of the Zuda revolution, but I’m still thrilled to be along for the ride.