Monday, December 21, 2009

77 Commentary

Up until now, Dual has been told from Bill’s perspective. On screen 77, a new character, David, begins to narrate Dual for a few pages. I decided to make an artistic shift in order to make a clear delineation between the artwork depicting what Bill describes and the artwork depicting events from another character’s point of view. Eventually, we will get a brief glimpse into the events of Yasu’s activities sans Bill. But the description of these events is still described by Bill and uses the principal art style.

David's surname is taken from the name of the Roman military camp established in ancient Barcelona, Spain.

As one Zudite has noted in the comments, David is the dragon alluded to in the original Dual synopsis. That synopsis was written after a Dual outline, but before the scripting process. Some changes have been made between the synopsis and the finished script. The spelling of Carina’s name changed as well as her character. She didn’t end up being quite so unstable in the finished draft. Also, Liz turned out being something slightly different from a werewolf.

If we return for a third season, we may get to see a little more of the synopsis play out.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Commentary on 75.

This screen has two major functions.
Firstly, to demonstrate the lethal ferocity of the monster, Trixie. Therefore, hopefully, establishing Bill's danger.
Second, to plant a few seeds that would have a payoff if Dual reaches a third season. The two bikers-- who are sharing an off color joke I learned in second grade-- are not terribly surprised or detoured by the appearance of the giant skank-beast.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

75:5 process

Originally, I did not plan on adding the blurred arm or a piece of the monster's elbow. I felt I needed to make the frame more explicit. Perhaps I made the wrong decision.