Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dual has issues.

Or at least, DUAL will soon have issues. Soon, the two seasons of DUAL will be divided into two three issue digital mini-series. Each issue will be about 20 pages. The first issue will be offered for zero dollars and zero cents and the subsequent issues will be offered for $0.99 each.
If digital issues of DUAL are well received, more DUAL will be created.
Future home of DUAL:


ryan said...

Hey, Mike. Great to hear from you!!! For my part, I'll be sure to get everything you release, and I'd be happy to print out some flyers or something and take them to my local comic shop. I'm a pretty good customer there so I'm sure they would leave them out if I asked them to. Let me know!

michael said...

Always grateful for help spreading the word on Dual. I'll be in touch.