Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please help Dual Re-new

click on the "feedback" link.
1. Fill in your name
2. Fill in your e-mail
3. Write your request for Dual to continue
4. Click the "SUBMIT" button
5. Yeah!


pavel said...

How come you host your comic on Zuda, anyway? Does it actually pay artists?

Their applet is incredibly annoying - blurring every time a page changes gives me a headache, having to zoom and scroll around to appreciate the artwork is a pain in the ass, and the damn app itself is tiny, so when a comic first loads, it's resized without antialiasing, making it look like crap.

I actually use Firebug to look at the files it's loading, and then load the images directly from the browser to spare myself the headache.

pavel said...

Also I forgot to check the "follow up comments to my e-mail", so here's a comment to do that.

RKB said...

If i keep on sending in even more Dual season II feedback requests, I think they'll block me, I'm up to like 6 or 7 or 8 by now. ;) :)

michael said...

Pavel: Yes, Zuda does compensate the creators for the pages. I cannot do anything about the viewer. It works on my computers, so I wasn't aware there were problems until reading feedback like yours, after I had already submitted my comic to Zuda.
RKB: Thank you. I owe you a pint.

pavel said...

I guess they're not so much "problems" as "annoyances". But I'm glad you're getting paid for your work - the comic is fantastic, and it definitely looks like you're putting in a lot of work into every page.