Monday, January 5, 2009

Carina's edited montage.

Much like Liz's edited montage, Carina had a character sketch montage that was cut from the final edit of the the comic. The first part of Dual is chiefly about the impact Liz and Carina have upon Bill and Yasu. I originally thought it would be helpful to get to know the characters as Bill and Yasu know them... The montages caused pacing problems. Also, they gave us more information about Liz and Carina than we had about Bill and Yasu, which didn't feel right.


- Carina’s favorite food is fried bananas, but she isn’t crazy about Bananas Foster. She takes her coffee with cinnamon and honey, rather than cream or sugar. She’s been reading The Bell Jar once a year since she was sixteen. Hotel rooms make her horny. She loves the rain and sometimes makes it drizzle to suit her fancy.

Helena Jefferson was born in Negril, Jamaica on May 3, 1973. Her father, Able, owned a tavern and her mother, Sariah, was a witch.

- Before little Helena could walk, Able was charged with murder and fled the country to avoid arrest. Distraught over losing her husband, Sariah began to lose touch with reality.

- At age three, Helena’s mother sent Helena to live with Helena’s aunt Patty in Durazno, Uruguay.

- On her fifth birthday, Helena learned her first spell from her aunt. It was a simple charm to remove stains and clean spots on clothes, carpets, or furniture.

- Helena and her aunt moved in with an old witch named Pastora, in Pasadena, California, just before Helena started second grade. Patty and Pastora began Helena’s education in Macumba, Vodun, Voodoo, and even the Seven Forbidden Mystical Arts, outlawed at the council of Nacia.

In third grade, Helena resurrected a pet bird. Like in the movies, the undead thing was “wrong” and it pecked a neighbor’s dog to death.

- In 1985, she watched a news report about a mysterious explosion at a local park’s playground. She felt a strange urge to visit the park and begged her aunt for three days to take her there, with no success.

- In middle school, she made several unsuccessful attempts to contact her father.

- At age 15, Helena began to call herself Carina and lost her virginity to a pimple-faced usher during the Accidental Tourist at the dollar theater.

- After taking ecstasy at a high-school graduation party, she thought she spoke with the goddess Athena.

- In 1994, Carina graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies.

- One night in August 1996, while getting high at an underground rock-show, she felt uncontrollably drawn to a stranger who seemed to be talking to himself-- me.

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