Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Revised first screen w/ new logo.

I have a large vision for Dual. Dual was originally plotted as a grand graphic novel. I broke the story down into 3 acts.
For all intents and purposes, the first 60 screens debuting on Zuda consist of a prologue and 1/3 of the first act of the story.
In other words, the first 60 screens constitute about 1/9 of the entire story arc.

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RKB said...

the first 60 screens only 1/3 of the first act and a prologue? 1/9 of the entire story arc? Damn -impressive goals. I hope you get renewed for a season II like for example High Moon. I don't think Zuda TPTB have any hard rules about what titles get a second run, but i guess it's how popular the Zuda comic in question is. I'm really looking forward to more screens, and you getting another 60 screens, or 120. :)